With October 1, Afolayan tells Nigeria’s story

Kunle Afolayan
In less than one week from now, celebrated actor and filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, will be jetting out of the country to Paris. In a telephone interview with our correspondent on Tuesday, he said the purpose of the trip was to supervise the post-production of his film-in-progress titled, October 1.
Bubbling with enthusiasm, Afolayan believes the movie will shock many fans in terms of its thematic content and the quality of cine matography.

“Nobody has ever attempted this kind of movie before. At the risk of being immodest, I dare say that it is in a class of its own. So many things have been put together in the movie. The objective is to enable Nigerians, especially the younger generation, to come to terms with certain facts about our past as a nation. Most young people have no knowledge of what actually transpired in the country in the period leading to national independence. I have unveiled this in the film,” he said.
The director, who has recorded layers of success in his relatively young movie career, noted that beyond providing entertainment to millions of movie fans in the country, October 1 seeks to unearth vital information about the actual roles of played by key nationalists in the foundation of Nigeria.
He prefers to describe the upcoming movie as an “informative documentary” feature film. “It is actually a detective movie is focused on the activities of a serial killer. Everything happens on Independence Day,” he added.
Movie fans are advised to watch out for plenty of drama, a quality for which Afolayan’s films are well known, and a cast that includes some of the very best actors and actresses in the Nigerian film industry. The roll-call includes the filmmaker himself, legendary Sadiq Daba and Bimbo Manuel.
Afolayan’s oeuvre, no doubt driven by an innate attachment to his immediate social, cultural and political environment, will be further enriched by the arrival of the new film on the entertainment scene.
Trained at the prestigious New York Film Academy, USA, his previous films include ‘The Figurine’, which won five major awards at the African Film Academy; ‘Araromire and ‘Phone Swap’.

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