Comedian Omobaba (Fine Boy) Is The Toast Of His Female Fans


This is comedian Omobaba.....a man whose day job is to make people laugh.
Encomium Celeb Mag asked the laugh maker how he copes with the attention from female fans and he DID IT!......he no-holds-barred revealed that its the other way round...female fans deal with him!

here's his funny response....please follow my instructions after reading.
''I have been coping, I respect my female fans. But coping with female fans I don't ask them out, they ask me out. I don't womanize, but women "mananize" me, permit me to use that language'.

please whilst reading the response,take a look at his picture,read again,look at his picture and read again...keep doing it till you laugh.....his job is to make you laugh irrespective of whether he is standing on stage or not.....make sure you laugh oh!

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