Bukky Wright Speaks On Why Actresses Live Fake Lives?

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Showbiz as it’s being called is all about show but what happens when what one shows is nothing to show home about? This, of course, might have led the Nollywood diva, Bukky Wright to share her opinion on why entertainers live fake lives and what makes her different.
“I think it is crazy for any celebrity to paint the picture of what he or she cannot achieve five years from now. They call it showbiz and you have to show, but sometimes, you have to put that aside and be yourself. I am not the kind of woman that likes to do what others do. I love to be myself and those who know me would tell you that is the real Bukky for you.”

On who the real Bukky Wright is “the real Bukky Wright is God-fearing, down to earth, but very blunt to a large extent. The funny thing about this job is that people won’t complain if you act in a movie where you are asked to cry from the beginning to the end. It will surprise you to hear that some of my fans do tell me that when I am crying in movies, they also cry. What that tells you is that I am doing what I have to do rightly, interpreting my roles passionately.”

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