Breaking: Aero Plane Carrying Elrufai, Others Crash Land In Lagos

with God’s doing, former FCT Minister and the interim National Deputy Secretary of All Progressive Congress  Mallam Nasir Elrufai was this morning (Sunday) saved as the Aero Contractor plane conveying the former Minister crashed land in Lagos.
Mallam Nasir Elrufai who was on his way to attend Last Sunday of the year Church service of his brother (not biological related) Pastor Tunde Bakare at Latter Rain Assembly.
Elrufai who took to Twitter to thank God for the opportunity to live again tweets:

Nasir El-Rufai (@elrufai): Upon landing in Lagos, our Aero aircraft lost a tyre. The pilot did a great job of breaking to a halt suitably. My phones flew under seats..
Nasir El-Rufai (@elrufai): It was amusing hearing shouts of Allah Akbar and Jesus, Jesu while the dutiful captain was trying to slow the plane down to a safe location!
Nasir El-Rufai (@elrufai): One of the passengers joked that he knew nothing wouldhappen to us as I was onboard, nice of him, but Allah Decides our fate in His Way…
Nasir El-Rufai (@elrufai): The Aero pilot was good, the cabin staff calm and professional in the midst of mild drama and little panic by a few passengers. We Thank God

Nasir El-Rufai (@elrufai): On my way Latter Rain Assembly to see my egbon, Pastor Tunde Bakare, by God’s Grace….

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