Abuja Has The Highest Number Of Lesbians In Nigeria?

Rumour has it that FCT Abuja parades the highest number of lesbians in Nigeria.....rich,beautiful and willing to do anything to get the girl of their choice.
They buy cars,houses and take their girls abroad,they spoil them silly and dangle such offers that even ladies who are not originally lesbians are tempted to join in this act.

I hear that Port Harcourt ladies in Abuja carry the day in toasting women..the ones with rich hubby's and these fine women are always having one party or another to induct new babes into their clique.

Rumour even says Lagos lesbians who are single ladies are hunting are for Abuja lesbians to relocate them to the FCT.

These Abuja lesbians swing both ways.

I hear a Nollywood actress has her names on a landed property bought for her by her rich lover,this is not a new gist but it ties to the Abuja lesbian willing to do anything to satisfy her lover.

Now this brings me to the question.....are women slowly taking over the role of men when it comes to sex?some women like all the orals performed on them,some men cannot bring themselves to do it,these women seek what they want from other women who are willing to do it.

Most men are stingy,lesbians are free with their cash.

Men shine your eyes oh,lesbians are taking over your women and they tag them as BFF'S. 

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