Kaduna: Troops Deal Decisive Blow to Terrorists, Neutralize 6, Recover Weapons

Troops of the Nigerian Army deployed for Counter terrorism operations in Kaduna state on Friday, 24 May 2024, successfully ambushed and neutralized 6 terrorists in Kaduna State, recovering arms and other logistics. 

The troops, acting on credible intelligence on  the movement of terrorist elements in Giwa and Birnin Gwari Local Government Areas (LGA), swiftly mobilized to intercept the threat. 

The ambush operation was staged at Kidandan Junction in Giwa LGA, where the troops laid in wait and made  contact with the terrorists. Following a fierce fire fight, the terrorists fled, abandoning one pistol.

Continuing their mission, the troops moved on to clear Basurfe and Yuna villages. During this phase, they recovered one motorbike left behind by the escaping terrorists, who had crossed a nearby river valley. The troops in their  determination 

trailed the terrorists to Katoge village, a known terrorist enclave and  crossing point, where they sighted the terrorists'  scout, who was immediately eliminated, resulting in the recovery of one semi-automatic pump-action rifle.

The operation culminated in Saulawa village in Birnin Gwari LGA, where the troops encountered  several terrorists on  motorbikes, leading to a ferocious exchange of fire. The gallant troops overwhelmed the terrorists with superior fire power,  neutralising 5 more terrorists. The engagement also  led to the recovery of one AK-47 rifle, one G3 rifle, and 9 motorbikes.

The successful operations signify troops' doggedness and determination in mitigating terrorists' activities in the troubled areas.

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