COAS, General Lagbaja Partners Federal Housing Authority to Make Soldiers Landlords

In an efforts to provide secure, affordable and reliable accommodation for soldiers, and to make them landlords, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt General Taoreed Lagbaja has taken another civil dimension by partnering with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA).

The partnership agreement was announced on Thursday when the Managing Director/Chief Executive of the Federal Housing Authority, Mr Oyetunde Ojo, led his management team on a courtesy call on the COAS at Army Headquarters in Abuja. 

According to Mr Oyetunde Ojo, the Federal Government has observed the challenges soldiers face in acquiring a house due to their income level and the mandate of the FHA is to find a way of boosting their morale as they perform their constitutional duty to continue to secure the territorial integrity of our dear nation.

While commending the Chief of Army Staff for his great initiative of house ownership scheme for all soldiers in the country to enable the personnel to own two or three bedroom houses at single digit interest and the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) would be collaborating with the Nigerian Army to provide secure and affordable housing for personnel, with special interest  given to soldiers. 

According to him, the Authority would do the electrical and plumbing fittings with a prototype exterior. This he said will stop the needless expensive luxurious finishing that affects the cost of houses, and allow individuals to finish the houses to their taste and capacity.

He therefore praised the Nigerian Army’s pivotal role and dedication to securing the country.

"President Tinubu in his manifesto picked housing as a very critical issue and that's why he came out in the manifesto as Renewed Hope agenda. We all know after food, clothes and shelter. We all know that it is not just having the house but having a decent and unaffordable house. 

"We have visited the Chief of Defense Staff to tell him about how Mr president cares about the Nigeria Armed Forces and what plans Mr president has given to us as a mandate to also come in collaboration with the military to do for the gallant men and women defending us. Because if you are not here to sacrifice your life we will not be working.

"As for the Nigerian Army housing scheme, We want to also use this opportunity to say a very good one by you. And we would come in to compliment that effort all over the country so that most of your soldiers and most of your men on the field will not say, you are giving shelter to them in Abuja, Lagos and what of those of us in Makurdi in Benue? We will support you throughout the country where you have your personnel. 

Responding, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt General Taoreed Lagbaja pledged that the Nigerian Army will leverage the FHA’s platform to address the housing challenge across the country, assuring a robust collaboration between the two organizations.

General Lagbaja pointed out that since his assumption of command, efforts have been focused on improving infrastructure facilities in various barracks, offices and institutions and to ensure that Nigerian Army projects were executed in accordance with national regulations, best practices and international standards.

"The Nigerian army is committed to providing an enabled environment for our personnel while in service and even out of service. Upon my assumption of command as the Chief of Army Staff, I crafted my command philosophy and that common philosophy rests on three pillars of leadership, operational efficiency and standard administration and the standard administration mantra of that command philosophy is designed to drive everything, designed to drive operations, designed to drive, I mean, civil military work, designed to drive everything that the soldiers do. 

"So we focused on our soldiers. We focused on their families, and that is why we are engaged in the construction of houses. We are not into any competition with FHA or any of these construction attributes, but we understand that we have to provide for our soldiers and members of their family.

"These soldiers that sleep on the streets, these are soldiers that enter into town, difficult to reach areas  to restore peace and security for the people. There's a need for the army, the society to give back who are doing a lot to keep the integrity of nation.

"So we will partner with you. That's why I asked that the Managing Director of the post Service Housing Department of the army, we also have other outlets that engage in construction. The Nigerian Army Welfare Limited by guarantee, and the Nagani property limited. They also engage in housing, but those ones are building for higher end and middle income people.

"So the officers are afforded by FHA estate, but the soldiers, they need a lot of support, considering their income level and the nature of their deployment. Most of the time they are away from home. So to sit down and think of this thing is difficult." the COAS said

SpyeTV News reports that the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the Nigerian Army (NA) housing project when implemented would provide a substantial number of decent housing units for soldiers.

This housing initiative by the Federal Government for soldiers demonstrates the renewed hope agenda of President Tinubu to boost troops morale and to enhance their operational capabilities for engaging more by remain loyal to defend the territorial integrity of our dear nation. 

This partnership is a step in the right direction, recognizing the sacrifices of soldiers and the importance of providing them with decent living conditions to enhance their operational capabilities.

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