DEPOWA President, Mrs Musa Charges NDC Base Camp Barracks Women, Others to Prioritize Health by Incorporating Fitness

The President, Defence and Police Officers Wives Association (DEPOWA), Mrs Oghogho Gwabin Musa, has charged NDC Base Camp barracks women and wives of Military personnel across all formations to prioritize their health by incorporating physical fitness into their daily routines. 

The initiator of the DEPOWA Walk for Health, Mrs Oghogho Gwabin Musa gave this charge today, 20th April 2024 when she led members of DEPOWA on an  Aerobics session to NDC Base Camp Ushafa in Bwari Area Council, venue of this month "Walk For Health" aimed at promoting the importance of an active lifestyle for women’s health. 

Addressing military wives and barracks women, the DEPOWA President emphasized the need for women to take charge of their well-being, urged women to make brisk walking as part of their daily routine, aiming for at least four sessions a week with 10,000 steps each

"We must take charge of our health. This exercise session today, like Doctor Just informed us, helped identify those with high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This allows us to provide them with extra care.” 

LShe noted that, with regular exercise they will be able to detect irregularities in their body system, high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which could prompt timely and necessary care. 

Highlighting some past success stories from monthly aerobics program, the DEPOWA President said many barracks women have become more active in their daily lives as mothers and wives. Formations across the country have embraced the program to promote healthy, active, and productive lifestyles among their women.

Addressing participants after the walk, Dr. Promise Ogan, from the Army Command and NAOWA Hospital Abuja, said simple lifestyle changes, like regular exercise, can help ward off various diseases and illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and some cancers are just a few examples. 

“High blood pressure is when your blood pressure is consistently above the normal range of 140 over 90.” 

Dr. Ogan charged women to take responsibility for their health by adopting healthy habits and undergoing regular check-ups which would empower them to understand their health status and prevent potential health problems. “Being physically active is crucial,”

“While aiming for 10,000 steps a day is ideal, even 6,000 steps daily can significantly improve your health. If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition, remember to take your medications regularly. We want to prevent complications associated with diabetes and hypertension, which is why prevention is key.” 

In her vote of thanks the Assistant Coordinator, National Defence College Officers Wives Association (NDCOWA), Mrs Rukewe Fejokwu, appreciate the dedication of all women that participated in the medical outreach and Walk for health.  She also thanked the DEPOWA President for choosing NDA base Camp for the exercise. 

Dignitaries present at the event were the President of Nigerian Airforce Officers Wives Association, Architect Mrs Rakiya Abubakar, representative of the President of Nigerian Army Officers Wives Association (NAOWA), Mrs Juliet Allison, representative of the President Navy Officers Wives Association (NOWA) Mrs Lydia Levi, and the representative of the President Police Officers Wives Association (POWA), Mrs Fati Dogo. Coordinator, Defence Intelligence Agency Officers Wives Association (DIAOWA); Mrs Jane Ekor Undiandeye, Assistant Coordinator, National Defence College Officers Wives Association (NDCOWA), Mrs Rukewe Fejokwu, Assistant Coordinator, Nigerian Defence Academy Officers Wives Association (NDCOWA); Mrs Ngozi Aneke, Members of DEPOWA, NDCOWA, DENCOWA and AWA.



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