AWCN Course 8/2024 Embarks on Educational Tour on Strategic Military Establishment in Abuja

.... Gain Practical Insights into National Security Operations and Defence Strategies

In a strategic exploration aimed at fortifying their understanding of national security dynamics, the participants of Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) Course 8/2024 embarked on a two-day visit to pivotal military and defence establishments in Abuja from 5 to 6 March 2024. 

A statement signed by College Public Relations Officer, Major Hashimu Sa'ad Abdullahi noted that the tour, led by the Commandant AWCN, Major General Ishaya Maina, formed an integral component of the National Security and Organization of Defence Module, designed to impart valuable insights and practical exposure to the functioning of critical military strategic establishments in the country.

The tour commenced at the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) Joint Operation Centre where participants received an insightful and in-depth experience at the Centre. The visit to the centre was designed to provide the participants with a firsthand understanding of the intricacies involved in the coordination and collaboration among different branches of the armed forces when planning and executing joint operations. 

The participants also had the unique opportunity to witness the seamless coordination and synergy among the various branches of the armed forces. 

The visit to DHQ allowed the participants to observe the decision-making process at the highest level of strategic command. They understand how military leaders analyze intelligence, assess threats, and formulate comprehensive plans that involve the synchronized efforts of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and other security agencies. Understanding the dynamics of joint operations is crucial for military leaders, especially in the context of contemporary security threats that often require a multifaceted and coordinated response.

Additionally, the team proceeded to the Nigerian Army Operation Centre, delving into the intricacies of the Army's operational planning and command structure. The tour further encompassed visits to the Naval Headquarters and Headquarters Nigerian Air Force, allowing participants to observe the capabilities and operational strategies of the Nigerian Navy and Air Force in safeguarding the nation’s territorial waters and airspace.

Beyond the Defence and Services Headquarters, the team explored the Defence Space Administration and Defence Research and Development Bureau, shedding light on the pivotal role of technology and research in enhancing the country’s defence capabilities. Noteworthy visits also included the Defence Intelligence Agency, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the exploration into various facets of the nation's defence apparatus.

The tour proved to be an enriching experience for the 75 participants, comprising Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, and their equivalents from the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The participants included 65 from the Nigerian Army, two from the Nigerian Navy, and two from the Nigerian Air Force. Furthermore, six participants from allied nations, with one each from Congo Brazzaville, Cote D'Ivore, Liberia, Eswatini, and Togo, while Cameroon has two participants. 

Accompanying the participants were the Deputy Commandant and Director of Studies Brigadier General Aminu Umar, Directors, and members of the Faculty. The tour concluded with the exchange of souvenirs and the capture of memorable moments through group photographs at each visited establishment.

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