Nigeria Counter Terrorism Centre, UK Transport Dept Tie to Organise Aviation Threats and Counter-Drone Threat Workshop in Abuja

In a bid to seek to address aspect of security management in Nigeria, the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) in collaboration with the UK Department of Transport organised Aviation Threats and Counter-Drone Threat Workshop,  the cooperative efforts under the Nigeria-United Kingdom Security and Defence Partnership Dialogue.

The workshop will discuss modalities for countering the drone threat to aviation which is fuelled by the rapid technological advancements in unmanned aerial systems particularly their potential misuse poses a significant threat to national security. 

In his remarks, The National Coordinator, NCTC, retired Rear Adm. Yamimu Musa called for collaborative work towards progress since the fight against terrorism stresses the need for inter-agency collaboration and cross-border relationships to stem this tide as terrorism recognises no borders. 

He said it is a fact that no single agency nor Country can achieve meaningful success in the fight against Terrorism alone and today's event is a call for action to all Ministries, Departments and Agencies, (MDAs) including Non-Governmental Organisations and all well-meaning Nigerians present here today, to consciously take up more seriously, the security of Aviation Security (AVSEC) management especially counter terrorism specific and counter terrorism relevant activities.

Rear Adm. Musa noted that the Nigeria-UK partnership exemplified by this workshop highlights the power of international cooperation and the sharing of expertise. Both countries have significant expertise and experience in aviation security, and together, we can forge pathways to proactively address threat to our domestic and international aviation.

"There is no doubt that impact of terrorism on internal travels could have profound negative impacts on human, social and economic development of any country. 

"Tourists' risk perception of a country is often associated with the safety of a country's aviation and maritime travels and such perception has political social and economic implications on the country. For instance impact of terrorism on the travel and tourism industry can lead to unemployment, homelessness, deflation, and many other social and economic ills."

"Terrorists and their affiliates have also weaponized transportation networks and means to commit acts of States. Hence, sensitising and building the operational and technical capacities of aviation stakeholders through targeted engagements such as this workshop are imperative to effectively prevent and respond to terrorist acts against air transportation.

He urged participants to use the platform to foster meaningful inter agency collaborations and develop practical recommendations that can be implemented to enhance aviation security.By working together, we can ensure the continued growth and safety of the aviation sector, not just in Nigeria and the United Kingdom,but worldwide.

He said the ever emerging uses and interest in drone acquisition makes its proliferation inevitable if the use and global market for UAVs, weaponised or otherwise,of this threat and work together to devise robust and proactive strategies to mitigate the adverse challenges in order to strengthen aviation security.

In his words, the representative of the British High Commission Jonathan Kendall noted that Terrorism can only be overcome by working together. "We can save many lives in the next years if we stay united and try to combat this cruel act of terrorism. 

Kendall stressed that UK will continue to fight this threat with determination and in full solidarity. British's work on counter-terrorism focuses on improving awareness of the threat, developing capabilities to prepare and respond, and enhancing engagement with partner countries and other international actors.

The Nigeria-UK Joint Aviation Threats and Counter-Drone Threat Workshop is expected to end by 9 NOVEMBER, 2023

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