MNJTF Force Commander Lauds Bravery of Officers and Men of Chadian Military

The Force Commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), Major General Ibrahim Sallau Ali has lauded the bravery of the officers and men of the Chadian armed forces, whose contributions since 2015 have been supportive in the fight against Boko Haram.

Military Public Information Officer - N'djamena, Lt Col Abubakar Abdullahi made this known in a press statement today 16 August 2023, that the Force Commander paid a courtesy visit to the Chadian Minister of Defence, General Yaya Brahim Daoud at the Ministry of Defence, N'djamena- Chad.

Major General Ali expressed his appreciation for the Chadian government's support to the MNJTF. 

Noting the significant inroads made so far, the Force Commander stressed the need for increased support to sustain the momentum in combating the insurgent groups. He commended the commitment of Chad and other troops contributing countries, which enhanced the MNJTF's efficacy significantly.

In his response, General Daoud acknowledged the challenges on ground, reminding the Force Commander that the "work is not easy but generals always have solutions." Nevertheless, with optimism, he pledged his continued support to the MNJTF. Insisting that Major General Ali could “always count on his support”

General Daoud charged the troops to remain vigilant, so as to prevent the enemy from exploiting any political situation in neighboring countries to their advantage. The call for unity and vigilance was a resonant conclusion to the visit, hinting at the continued multinational efforts in the fight against insurgency.

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