"Irele Outbreak Disease name yet unknown: The result is taking too long, the samples were sent to Lagos for analysis"- Ondo Health Commissioner Dayo Adeyanju

Dr. Dayo Adeyanju
Dr. Dayo Adeyanju

The cultural belief of the People of Irele local government area of Ondo State are affecting the facility utilization provided by the Ondo State GOvernment to battle the Outbreak of the Mystery disease in the area,
Commissioner for Health in the State, DR DAyo Adeyanju made this known during a TweetMeet Online, organised by the Information technology department of the agency on a social media platform Twitter.

Dr ADeyanju confirmed that, the report of the Outbreak was on Monday 13th APril 2015, and so far the strange disease has killed 17 persons in Ode-Irele, headquarters of Irele Local Government Area of Ondo State. "Symptoms of the disease are headache, blurred vision, loss of sight, loss of consciousnes & death".
He said, the Ondo state government has ordered for the toxicology test from Lagos.  "Nobody at risk, but it appears male are mostly affected".
On youths breaking into the community - That's as reported by the community and it appears to inform their perspective of the disease.
He further explained that, the recent claim by the community on desecration f a local shrine is not the position of the health authorities "@DrDayoAdeyanju: Q: On desecration of local shrine - That's as claimed by the community, not the position of health authorities, The cultural belief is affecting the facility utilization #IreleOutbreak"
Dr Adeyanju said, the state government is in partnership with WHO, UNICEF & Nigeria CDC.
Adeyanju confirmed that the victims administered fruits to flush their system. He said, the disease is not contagious and no relationship among the victims.
Adeyanju therefore appealed for calm and In case of any suspected case, contact: WHO 08033720966, LGA DSNO – 08112524793 and the State Epidemiologist - 08062078384
Health Commissioner also said, "Thanks for your concerns I reiterate to the world that this is not ebola. We wish that our people live in good health always"
He debunked the Rumour of a victim picture making rounds that, the picture is not connected to the outbreak, "This picture is not in any way connected to the outbreak" check the picture below...


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